Bluetoot wireless flatulance appcessory

Where the IoS and IoT come together

Finally, the age-old question of ‘who dealt it’ will be resolved using a discrete wearable device. Code Blue introduces Bluetoot, the wireless flatulence wearable appcessory for better living!

Let’s face it: everybody toots, but nobody takes credit for it. This leaves friends and coworkers with no recourse or plan of action other than to leave the room or blame the dog. Bluetoot uses Internet of Smells (IoS) technology to automatically detect and categorize the wide range of flatus. The product uses two algorithms operating in parallel: Bluetoot Classic detects normal to room-clearing events, while Bluetoot Low Energy can detect the most difficult silent (but deadly) events.

Bluetoot is the first device to combine the Internet of Things (IoT) with the Internet of Smells (IoS) to enable an autonomous, discrete solution to this embarrassing social issue that often results in lowered productivity as well as poor self-esteem. IoS events are automatically transmitted using short-range wireless technology (Bluetooth) to mobile and fixed gateways and into the cloud. IoT devices are connected via the cloud and can then act to diffuse, disguise or otherwise obfuscate the IoS event detected by Bluetoot. Configurable IoT actions include turning on fans, turning up the volume on local audio devices, rolling down vehicle windows or turning out the lights to provide the offender time to escape.

A free companion app is available on iTunes providing iOS support for IoS with its IoT connections. The paid version of the app provides the ability to reassign blame and direct other enabled smartphones in the area to emit masking or offensive sounds using Smell Interference and Reassignment Intervention (SIRI) audio support. Windows support is under development, but is not yet offered due to incompatibilities between Cortana and SIRI.

The company is also working on an Aroma Eliminating Device (AED) to be used in conjunction with its
Bluetoot. This device not only supports IoS over IoT, but in particular supports the Google Physical Web beacons with aroma support. The present prototype AED is particularly tuned to smoky scents such as cured meats. The company spokesperson provides the insight “right now we’re most successful when we utilize the IoT with IoS running on iOS and our AED driven by Bluetoot to beacon bacon”.

Future development for
Bluetoot will focus on eNose analysis of the effluent gas composition and could revolutionize disease diagnostic and predictive analysis to identify health issues, as well as to predict future gas discharge events. These efforts will be funded through a future crowdfunding campaign.

The company is in advanced discussions of partnerships for value-added collaborations with Fabreeze and
Bluetoot has already been licensed to an industry leader in wearable devices, who will market the technology in combination with its fitness tracking products. Says a spokesperson “We are delighted to use our tremendous brand recognition to market the new Fartbit Bluetoot product and offer our customers a brand new tracking modality.”

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Enhancements requested 4/1 (thank you all):

  • K-9 version
  • Sonifcation gateway (no, really)
  • Scoring system
  • Social networking interface
  • Predictive index score
  • Analytics

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